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Special offer for trucks in stock

IVECO HI-WAY nyerges vontatóHereby we would like to inform you about our IVECO HI-WAY 440S46T/P vehicles in stock which are availabe at discount prices.

Used IVECO parts for all models

Bontott IVECO alkatrészekUsed IVECO parts are available at good prices for all IVECO models!

2 complete used IVECO Eurocargo 75E15 Tector has arrived: engine, gearbox, cabin, chassis parts, electrical parts!


The new EURO 6 IVECO HI-WAY has arrived.

Test drive is available after registration.

In case you are interested please contact us: +36-1-435-3010!

Save up to 40% on IVECO parts!

We have expanded our range of IVECO parts. All products are available with different delivery times at different price levels so you can save up to 40% on IVECO parts.

New Iveco Eurocargo chassis international make model

Great price offer for EURO5 Iveco Eurocargo Chassis, international make and design, immediate delivery.


Special offer for repair service in Hungary!

Our repair service plant is an audited, official and warranty service of IVECO accredited with the T.I.R license. We meet the highest requirements for repairing bases imposed by IVECO. We are a member of the international breakdown service of IVECO.

Special offer for repair service: 28 EUR + VAT / hour.

Special offer for AD BLUE!

Special price offer for AD BLUE additive:
0.40 EUR / litre + VAT – IBC container quantity (minimum order 1000 litre)
0.50 EUR / litre + VAT – litre cans
The prices given do not include the price of the package.

In case of larger quantity there is an additional price reduction available.

Ordering information:
Bandor Miklós, 0036-1-435-3002,
Grósz Róbert, 0036-1-435-3019,

Levantex Ltd. 1044 Budapest, Ipari Park u. 2, Tel: 06-1-435-3000; Fax: 06-1-230-2983