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Irisbus repair service - general information

We kindly inform our clients that Levantex Ltd. as an authorised dealer of IVECO factory has obtained the official right to provide brand service for buses type IRISBUS. 

Our brand service is responsible for warranty and out-of-warranty repairing and maintenance of the full range of vehicles type IRISBUS and also takes care of out-of-warranty repairing and maintenance of other buses containing IVECO engine and IVECO main pieces.   

Our service is provided with the most advanced diagnostic appliances and special tools which allow that our experienced service team assure quick, efficient and exact repairing procedure in two shifts, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Our Assistance service is available on all the 365 days of the year 24 hours a day, whether in case of repairment or technical rescue of vehicles broken down on the road.

The work of our service and the possibility to provide quick service to our clients is ensured by our parts storage and our non-stop parts assistance which means a 24-hour-a day client service in case of any need for parts in order to keep quick repairing deadlines.

Repair Service offers


Warranty and out-of-warranty repair for IRISBUS vehicles, obligatory and other maintenance,
  Electronic (engine, fuel supply system, EDC, OBD, ABS, EBS, airbags, ASR, vehicle security system, air suspension etc) and mechanical (brake, running gear, fuel supply system etc.) diagnostics and repair,
  On-spot preparation for the obligatory periodical technical inspection, inspections on our own inspection site (maximum 19 person) with our inspectors three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.),
  Loss adjustment and insurance administration through our contracted insurance partners, bodywork repair, polishing, collision repairments (on black hawk system) (see details at the bodywork menu),
  Execution of obligatory tachograf tests,
  Execution of Green Card tests,
  Setting out and lengthening LARM certificates,
  Installation and activation of speed limit devices, giving out and lengthening Speed Limit certificates,
  Running gear diagnostics and adjustments with computer controlled running gear check benches,
  Instrumental adjustment of dazzling lights,
  Adjustment of brake discs,
  Whetting of flywheel,
  Roller brake efficiency test according to the periodical technical inspection requirements,
  Shock-absorber tests up to 2 tons axle load according to the periodical technical inspection requirements,
  Instrumental measurement and repairment of the pneumatic system (air brake, air springs),
  Full hand wash (exterior, chassis, engine and body),
  Non-stop on-road Assistance service (for further details see Non-stop Assistance menu point),
  Non-stop parts distribution,
  IRISBUS quick service (brake and running gear maintenance quick service without previous registration),
  Main piece renovation (engine, gear box, axles). A supplementary main piece is provided on request from our service stock for the time of the service.
  Balancing and repairing the cardan-shaft,
  Tires available for purchase,
  Installation of further equipments (radio, CD player, reverse sign, reverse radar, supplementary lights, alarm system, central lock, starting-off block, car security systems etc.),
  Installation and reparation of hot-air heating systems (Webasto),
  Installation and reparation of air conditioning systems (conventional and water-based (VIESA)).

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