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Iveco Daily 4x4 - technology


The heart of Daily 4 x 4 is the strong 176 horsepower Euro4 engine.  The secret of outstanding performance is the flat torque curve of the engine, which continuously provides a stabile 400 Nm torque in the 1250 and the 3000 1/min engine revs.

The variable geometry turbocharger, the intercooler and the EGR particle filter exhaust system are all parts of the standard Daily 4 x 4 type vehicle.


engine with 2998 cm3 cylinder capacity, 4 cylinders in line, common delivery pipe, 16 valves and double upper camshaft.
Maximal performance: 129,4 kW (176 Hp)
Maximal torque: 400 Nm

Power Transmission:

Because of the heavy duty, IVECO has chosen all-wheel drive, and provided the vehicles with back and middle differential locks (placed in the differential) as part of the standard equipments. This solution has a lot of advantages: the free movement of the vehicle is outstandingly high, spring displacements are long, and parts are easier to access.


The 6-speed, synchronized ZF gear lever with quick gear ratio changes has got 24 forward gears and 6 reverse gears. From the forward gears, 12 are for roads and combined mode, while 12 are for heavy terrain mode (6x2, 6x2).

The first synchronized decelerating gear drive, that can be activated even in motion, makes possible to use medium gear levels, which substantially improves the performance of the car in the combined mode.  The second decelerating gear drive, which can be switched in upright only, is for heavy ground use.

The perfectly structured central differential that provides constant all-wheel drive guarantees the outstanding performance. 32 percent of the torque falls on the front axle, while 68 percent on the rear axle (50-50 % with central differential lock locked on), which provides the best adherence on all grounds.

Chassis structure and brakes:

The chassis is constructed with supports made of high flow point steel profiles and cross stiffeners made of shaft profiles.

The front disc brakes and the rear drum brakes provide perfect braking efficiency. ABS is part of the standard type with the 5.5 tons version.

Technology in numbers:

  Front ground angle: 51°
  Rear ground angle: 41°
  Loading capacity: 2985 kg
  Steep rise ability on upward slopes: 45°
  Steep rise ability on downward slopes: 45°
  Side inclination angle: 40°
  Wading depth: 660 mm
  Spring displacement: can reach 195 mm
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