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Iveco Stralis - interior

On the top of the Stralis model family there is the new Active Space cab version, which is also available with high roof. Increased space means 1.8 m3 larger inner space has been gained.

Bunks are larger and more comfortable thanks to the new materials used. The upper bunk can be folded easily due to the new pneumatic system. There are numerous storage boxes in the upper consol, under the lower bunk and on both sides of the cab.

The one or two-driver formulas with fixed or folding passenger seat, double bunks, comfort lower bunk or modular bunks provide for a comfortable living space.

Perfect driving position is provided by the new air-sprung seat with 4 degrees of freedom (on a 40 mm longer way) and the pneumatic steering wheel adjustment. The decompression engine brake, the hydraulic retarder, the radio, the speed regulation and the EuroTronic gear lever can all be controlled without taking your hands away from the steering wheel. The control panel has been improved for looks thanks to new materials. The multifunction central display provides information about all the functioning systems and sub-systems of the vehicle. All the control buttons are easy to see and reach, thus the vehicle is safer and more comfortable to drive.

Stralis creates a comfortable working environment for the driver, even when external conditions are unfavourable, thanks to the efficient climate system and the excellent level of soundproofing.

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