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Iveco Stralis - technology


With Stralis, performance means the most modern Euro 5 SCR engines with injector units and variable geometry turbines. It is effective, economical and really reliable.

  Injectors are capable of even 2000 bar pressure
  The electronic control unit precisely controls the moment of injection and the fuel amount per cylinders
  The variable geometry turbine is capable of reacting immediately at any engine revs

Due to the torque curve of Cursor engines, high performance is always at hands. The torque of the engine already reaches the maximum at 1000 revs/minutes.

The 8, 10 and 13 litre versions cover the performance palette from 310 to 560 horsepower, and their fuel consumption is 2-5% less than the Euro 3 version’s.

The engine palette of the new Iveco Stralis

Engine Type     C8   C10   C13

Number of cylinders / valves

    6/24   6/24   6/24


cm3   7790   10300   12880

 Max Output

(kW (hp) / 1 / min)   228(310)/1650-2400   309(420)/1450-2000   368(500)/1550-1900
242(330)/1650-2400 330(450)/1500-2100 412(560)/1550-1900

Max Torque

(N / 1 / min)   1300/1200-1700   1900/1050-1550   2300/1000-1500
1400/1100-1700 2100/1050-1500 2500/1000-1600


kg   680   932   1006

Drive Train

Iveco adopts the best components and technologies on the market to transfer all the power of the Cursor engines to the drive wheels.

There is a variety of gear boxes available:

  ZF manual gear lever with 9 or 16 speed levels (Servo-shift system helps the gear change so that it feels as in a car)
  Alison automatic gear lever (especially developed for “stop and go” missions
  Euro-Tronic fully automatic, with 12 speed levels

Compared to traditional gear levers, EuroTronic is a huge step as for the comfort of driving, as the traditional lever is replaced by switches on the control panel. The automatic logic applies the principles of economic driving to select the ideal ratio, protecting the gearbox against over-revving, and reducing clutch wear, consumption and noise emissions.

The Arvin Meritor and the Iveco back bridges are very durable and require little maintenance. They are available in traditional or in hub gear versions for the sake of reliability and to fulfil requirements set up by the more and more special missions.

Environment Protection

The Stralis model series already come up to the requirements of the Euro 5 emission restrictions. The secret of success lies in the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology placed on the Cursor engines, thanks to which these engines come up to the new, stricter emission limits even before the standard comes to effect in 2009. The SCR system contains a catalyst that transforms the NOx content of the exhaust gases into Nitrogen and water. This process involves a chemical reaction in a way that an urea based catalyst liquid is injected into the exhausting fumes. The system is controlled by an electronic control unit that has been specially developed for this task. SCR technology makes the particle filter unnecessary, as most of the particles perish during the burn, and the remaining part is destroyed during the post-treatment. Compared to the EGR-system, the SCR system used by Iveco has several advantages from the environmental point of view, and also for customers of Stralis:

  Higher performance and higher torque with the same cylinder capacity
  lower weight
  lower fuel consumption thanks to the higher injection pressure
  less waste of energy and heat

fewer oil changes are necessary at the same driving period


The reliability of Stralis means that we keep our promises: reliability, durability and highest safety under all conditions. The brake system with disc brakes and EBS and EPS systems provides the shortest braking distance possible in all loading and road conditions.

The Iveco Turbo Brake (decompression engine brake) and the Intarder system both increase the life span of the drive train and they provide high commercial speed. The high torque (that is available even from 1000 l/min valves) provide for the optimal functioning, the reliability and the long life span of the engine.

Brake System

The whole Stralis family is provided with Knorr cooled disc brakes completed with pneumatic operating and EBS.

EBS optimizes the braking process of the driver. As soon as the driver pushes the brake pedal, the system determines the extent of deceleration, and the electronic control unit of the brake system will adjust the parameters of slowing down according to this:

  it controls the pressure of braking air in the brake cylinders
  it controls the pressure of braking air operating the trailer brakes, so it harmonizes braking power between the different axles.
  it operates ITB (Iveco Turbo Brake – a decompression engine brake)

For missions that often involve driving on steep slopes, it is advisable to choose Stralis’ second generation ZF Intarder, which can put out its highest braking torque at an even wider valve range, and provides less performance loss at basic valves, thus it decreases fuel consumption as well.


The whole Stralis trailer range is available with ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

Apart from its several functions, ESP contains new elements that reflect the latest results in the field of active safety:

  Hill Holder helps the driver to start off on slopes, preventing rolling back for a few seconds.
  ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) – this system helps the driver to keep a safe distance behind the vehicle preceding him. The integrated sensors indicate if the distance is dangerously short. To prevent crash, the system activates the turbo brakes first, then the intarder and finally the operational brakes.
  Lane Departure Warning System – signals if the vehicle crosses the line between lanes without using the indicator lights.
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