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Iveco Trakker - enterior and exterior design

The cab of Trakker, which has been redesigned both from inside and outside, features the newest achievements of modern technology.



Aerodynamically optimized, with the exterior features of Stralis design, designed for hard terrain.

  Stralis Active Day / Active Time cab suspension is adjusted to hard terrain conditions.

Short cab with low roof

The most widely spread version in this category. The size of the short cab has been designed in a way that it provides perfect comfort, moreover, there is storing place for personal belongings behind the seats.

Long cab with low roof

This version comes into consideration if the driver occasionally has to spend the night on the bunk in the back of the cab.

As for the interior, Trakker has taken the achievements of Stralis, providing a perfect work place for the driver.


New air-sprung driver’s seat that can be adjusted in three directions,

  Steering wheel is adjustable in all directions,
  Multiplex system – onboard computer,
  Control functions integrated in the steering wheel,
  Remarkably improved soundproofing,
  Plenty of storage place,
  Electronic window lifting.

Multiplex system

Impulses coming from the different controlling switches and buttons and impulses describing the conditions of devices by the sensors all arrive in the electronic control unit, which transforms these into digital signs.

Digital signs then reach the appropriate displays on CAN.
Trakker features the well-tried board computer unit of Stralis with a monochrome liquid crystal display monitor.

The system measures, records and displays all the important information related to operation.
The display shows the conditions of different sub-units, meters and fuel consumption, and information on supplementary drives etc. The unit is also the display of the Multiplex system, so it informs about the condition of all the important devices of the vehicle.

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