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Iveco Trakker - technology


CURSOR 8 - 7.790 cm3

Type of engine

Peak performance @ RPM

Peak torque @ RPM

270 variable geometry turbocharger

270 HP (200 kW) @ 1720-2400

1115 Nm @ 1000-1720

310 variable geometry turbocharger

310 HP (228 kW) @ 1950-2400

1115 Nm @ 1000-1950

350 variable geometry turbocharger

350 HP (259 kW) @ 1930-2400

1280 Nm @ 1080-1930

CURSOR 13 - 12.900 cm3

Type of engine

Peak performance @ RPM

Peak torque @ RPM

380 by-pass valve

380 HP (280 kW) @ 1500-1900

1800 Nm @ 900-1500

440 variable geometry turbocharger

440 HP (324 kW) @ 1450-1900

2100 Nm @ 1000-1450

480 variable geometry turbocharger

480 HP (353 kW) @ 1530-1900

2200 Nm @ 1070-1530

For light versions

The weight of the vehicle is a critical factor, therefore Cursor’s 8, 7. 8 litres of cylinder capacity, 680 kg weight and with 310, 330 and 360 horsepower performance versions are the obligatory choice.

The advantages of the engine are well-known: developed technology, comes up to all emission norms and it is famous for its low fuel consumption.

At building sites and hard terrains it is an important factor that thanks to the variable geometry turbocharger, peak torque is available at a wide rev range. This results in the fact that the vehicle can efficiently deal with slopes and the driver does not need to change gear all the time up and down the slopes. This increases driver comfort and the life span of the gear box, and it reduces fuel consumption.

For heavy versions

With these vehicles, solidity, reliability and loadability are basic requirements. Our clients working in hard circumstances prefer higher cylinder capacity. They are right: with its remarkable 12.9 litres of cylinder capacity, Cursor 13 is available with three performances, 380, 440 or 480 horse powers. Other advantages of the drive chain are the 58.4 gear ratio and the 4.23 end gear ratio.

ZF manual gear boxes

Gear boxes available with Trakker adjust to the chosen engine and its torque.

Cursor 8 9S 1310 TO, 16S 1620 TD
Cursor 13 With Cursor 13, manual gear boxes are perfectly suitable for dealing with hard terrain conditions: 16S 2220 TO, 16S 2520 TO

The Servoshift system makes changing gear easier for the driver. Changing gear becomes not just easier but thus also quicker and thus the engine does not loose from the rev, which remarkably eases ascending on slopes.

The Eurotronic II Automatic gear box

The direct drive 12 AS 1420 TD version of the Eurotronic gear box is optionally available with the 310 hp and 330 hp Cursor 8 engines. The direct drive 12 AS 1930 TD version is optionally available with the 360 hp Cursor 8 engine. With the Cursor 13, you can choose the 12 AS 2330 TO version.

Advantages of the gear box:

Driving comfort

The driver does not get tired, work is more efficient

Easy to handle

Half-automatic or automatic modes are also available


The driver can totally concentrate on driving as he/she does not have to pay attention to rev and changing gear


Optimal gear change saves fuel and increases the life span of the clutch


With Trakker, we always offer the suspension most suitable for customer needs.

26 and 32 tons parabolic spring suspension For lower curb weight
32 tons half-elliptic suspension For extreme loading and extreme terrain conditions
Air suspension For higher comfort

Brake system

All Trakkers with a fixed first axle (4x2, 6x4 and 8x4) operate with the disc brake with its well-known advantages. At the back, these vehicles are equipped with drum brakes that are reliable even at hard terrain conditions.

On the 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 versions, there are drum brakes operating both on the front and on the rear axles. These brakes operate with the modern Duo Duplex method, with two cylinders gripping the brake linings to the drums when braking instead of just one, so the deterioration of the brake linings is symmetrical, increasing their life span to a great extent (+60%). A new opportunity is that the vehicles are also available with full brake disc construction as well.

EBL (Electronic Braking Limitation) succeeds the previous mechanical drain dependent brake control with modern electronic control. The control of the EBL is done by the intelligent ABS.

The ABS system of the Trakker is four-chanel with four modulators. The decompression engine brake (ITB) that also exploits the effect of the variable geometry turbocharger is much more efficient and developed than exhaust brake solutions, since the majority of hot air quits with the exhaust gas, so the upper part of the engine is not heated. ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) is also available for the driven wheels on request.

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